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Sunday, July 27, 2008

who i am that? do i know myself?

yes i know myself ...

but truly..deeply.. myself..since i was working in college gemilang just for 3 days..

aku cepat sangat blur.. and diamotivated lebih2 bila aku di lingkungan org2 yg lebih pandai dan better than me.. masya Allah.. benda ni lah yg aku nak erase terusan dlm diri aku.. you know what makes me dont wanna to teach them.. most my student they are already graduated..

Lagi.. aku ni pemalas.. huh.. damn it!!..im feeling nervous facing my weakness and really im try to be impeccable but never tried to find the good solution.. i do hatred all this feeling.. my bad attitude but i do have accept..

what should i do?? .. i should do a lot of revision.. but my laziness always attack me.. huh.. how i am gonna be a good lecturer.. how i am gonna to be a good ppl.. even im always being harsh with myself..

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