Unforgettable Day

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

who i am that? do i know myself?

yes i know myself ...

but truly..deeply.. myself..since i was working in college gemilang just for 3 days..

aku cepat sangat blur.. and diamotivated lebih2 bila aku di lingkungan org2 yg lebih pandai dan better than me.. masya Allah.. benda ni lah yg aku nak erase terusan dlm diri aku.. you know what makes me dont wanna to teach them.. most my student they are already graduated..

Lagi.. aku ni pemalas.. huh.. damn it!!..im feeling nervous facing my weakness and really im try to be impeccable but never tried to find the good solution.. i do hatred all this feeling.. my bad attitude but i do have accept..

what should i do?? .. i should do a lot of revision.. but my laziness always attack me.. huh.. how i am gonna be a good lecturer.. how i am gonna to be a good ppl.. even im always being harsh with myself..

MY life working begin in Gemilang College

what do you think.. that i am too desperate choosing gemilang college to be my first place to work for 2008 session, since i was resign my work in TrIus Com Sdn Bhd. i ve a lot to think now.. that im going married soon.. ive to many credit .. yes im jobless but until now i still can survive..

Gemilang college.. what found it was a good environment of me.. the collegue and the student.. alhamdulillah even the entire my student are foriegner but they give a good cooperate and do focus on my lecture..even for the 1st time i saw them i became a bit afraid with them.. faham2 ajelah kan.. but i set on my mind that.. they are human too.. they have a heart feeling.. insya Allah.. a good person to be.. treat and make a friend with them.. but we do have the limit kan..

i started my work last week on 21 July-23 JUly.. ya ampun.. capek banget nih.. then i cuti 2 days.. gila kan.. baru masuk kerja dah berani minta excuse.. for what reason.. meeting my profesor. really that was a crazy thing ive done before. but its ok.. what i am supposed to be? am i commit with my work? tapi yg benarnya mmg aku suka kerja kat situ.. tapi aku rasa i am not ready yet to be a lecturer.. a good lecturer can deliver a good information.. a lot of information to their student..

Quote of The Day:

One's mind has a way of making itself up in the background, and it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.

A. C. Benson

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i'll be yours coming soon.. insya Allah

yes i am.. im become unpatient waiting that day.. he is also feel same like me.. but hes seem feel shaking more than me.. i do really love him so much.. n i do accept him. amin ya rabb. this august will be good in time. it awesome.. nobody knows except Allah swt. im pray for Allah swt let its going to be a smooth with blessed from God.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Waiting for the Good Day~~

Hmmm it been a long time since i was break up with him then having someone that i called abg makes my day bright everyday. Hes the one who catch up my heart even sometimes i get suffered because of his naughty attitude.. huhuhu.. sabar jaklah.. but couples are not faith to bond together if they are not scarfice to pursue their relationship. huh.. letih laa cakap benda2 nih.. ape2 hal aku mmg nak menikah cepat nih.. nak kumpul duit.. huhuhu.. ;)