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Sunday, July 27, 2008

MY life working begin in Gemilang College

what do you think.. that i am too desperate choosing gemilang college to be my first place to work for 2008 session, since i was resign my work in TrIus Com Sdn Bhd. i ve a lot to think now.. that im going married soon.. ive to many credit .. yes im jobless but until now i still can survive..

Gemilang college.. what found it was a good environment of me.. the collegue and the student.. alhamdulillah even the entire my student are foriegner but they give a good cooperate and do focus on my lecture..even for the 1st time i saw them i became a bit afraid with them.. faham2 ajelah kan.. but i set on my mind that.. they are human too.. they have a heart feeling.. insya Allah.. a good person to be.. treat and make a friend with them.. but we do have the limit kan..

i started my work last week on 21 July-23 JUly.. ya ampun.. capek banget nih.. then i cuti 2 days.. gila kan.. baru masuk kerja dah berani minta excuse.. for what reason.. meeting my profesor. really that was a crazy thing ive done before. but its ok.. what i am supposed to be? am i commit with my work? tapi yg benarnya mmg aku suka kerja kat situ.. tapi aku rasa i am not ready yet to be a lecturer.. a good lecturer can deliver a good information.. a lot of information to their student..

Quote of The Day:

One's mind has a way of making itself up in the background, and it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.

A. C. Benson

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