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Saturday, July 11, 2009

5 days being a fasilitator..

Hmmm.. dah kerja fasilitator dah..
so..everything changed from my previous work..
Eventhough this work makes me tired enough but i do really love this
Teaching, exploring , identify and evaluate if my work deliver the great output..
means the input ive to provide should be the greatest one..
did u imagine it.. if you want to do the bestest for your own and makes people impressed with you.??

the first week im in the school..?? my ive done...

1.checking the laptop, PC, exlude ( projector & LCD )

2.Mainting & substain the laptop / pc / LAN schoolnet.

3.Give the taklimat to cikgu2.. ( hemmm ) means ive to cooperate with them.. yg penting be a flexible and adaptive lah kan..

AISHH NI PON MAU TAIP kah.. kekkee.. yalah kalau just browse my blog kan.. bnyk benda lagi kena prepare .. modul pembelajaran untuk cikgu2.. Buat Jadual, Buat Laporan lagi..everthing to bla..bla...

tapi oleh sebab sek ini satu seisi.. dan tiada lab , means kerja senanglah kan.. hehehe.. jgn mare ye.. so skrg ni tunggu senarai sek lain lagi yg aku kena handle

1 comment:

SiMpleSmArtErMe said...

besttt ahh jadi fasiii..aku bosan jadi programmer nih..HAHAHA