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Monday, June 15, 2009

MY new Life Begin..

Since this blog created and i`ve changed this featured and the content for many time to suit with the situation, and the reasons why I`m starting to drop here when i was feel dump and just wanna to run from the pissed off heart feeling.. hahaha.. not laa.. but yalah kan every ppl have their own problem but dont let the problem control yourself nanti jadi "JIWA KACAU", and during my terrible time.. ??.. kononlah buat yg baca ni mesti kan tertanya.. (apa juga masalah c'izan' nih).. ive a lot time to spend here.. express everything and it was stack coz..ermmmmm it so hard to say.. ya.. teda line internet bah.. macam mau gila sya dibuatnya.. Luckily i`ve him, Mydearest husband..he is the one who very close with me..kawan gaduh2, gurau2, nangis2, tumbuk2 manje... then have him shoulder to lean time nangis..baju dia leh wat lap hingus..kekekke but what is so important he`s the one who alway makes me happy during my hardest time.. he`s painted so much colourful memories in my mind.. ;)

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